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Thyristor Switches

  • ICAR Thyristor Switches
  • General Characteristics

    ICAR SINCHRO FAST SWITCH FEATURES are described below:

    • Switching speed: 60ms
    • Electronic components: SCR
    • Connectable power: up to 100kvar-400/415V
    • Possibility to switch capacitors without reactor
    • Fan dedicated to the cooling radiator
    • Protection circuit with signalling LED


    Further ADVANTAGES

    1. 1Possibility to use SFS with ICAR RPE 12BTA regulator.
    2. The control technology adopted doesn’t allow switching

    that could generate self damage.

    1. Very small dimensions.
    2. High temperature protection.
    3. Protection from high speed switching.
    4. SFS doesn’t need any external supply.

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