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Vertical Fuse Rail

  • Apator Vertical Fuse Rail
    • PBS 00/100 mm (160 A, 690 V)
    • PBS 1 (250 A, 690 V)
    • PBS 2 (400 A, 690 V)
    • PBS 3 (630 A, 690 V)

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Product Description

PBS Vertical Fuse Rail


PBS fuse rails thanks to it’s high technical standards are among top such products. They are approved and recognized by polish and foreign electricity boards and distribution boards manufacturers.


PBS fuse bases are designed for the distribution of electricity and protection against short circuits and overloads in three phase alternative current circuits with maximum operating voltage of 690 V. They are intended for direct installation on horizontal or vertical bus bar system. Due to their modern and compact design installing is easy and gives much saving of space in substations and distribution boards. All technical parameters required by standards and requirements of the market were taken into account during design (conformity with EN 60269-1, HD 60269-2). Several advices and remarks from business partners were also taken into account.

  1. Plastic parts of PBS fuse rails are made of fibre glass strengthened, thermoplastic polyamides
  2. Silver plated contacts provide low power loss
  3. All energized metal parts are fully protected against accidental touch
  1. PBS FUSE RAILS are available in following sizes : 00 -160 A; 1-250 A; 2 -400 A; 3-630 A
  2. Designed for installation on to 185 mm busbar system, size 00, 1, 2, 3
  3. PBS 00/100 mm fuse rails are designed for installation on to 100 mm busbar system Installation on to 185 mm busbar system is  possible by using adapter.
  4. Fuse rails width: size 1, 2, 3 – 100 mm, size 00 – 50 mm,
  5. Removal of the fuse link provides clearly noticeable, large isolating gap in the circuit,
  6. Possible installation of various earthing devices
  7. Possible connection of circular or sector-shaped conductors with bare ends (V-terminals, 2V-terminals or conductors with lug  terminals (screw terminals)
  8. Touch protection IP 20 with fuse link shrouds for fuse rails of size 1, 2, 3


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