Active Harmonic Filter

Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) is a device to filtering harmonic current generated by non-linear load. Besides compensate harmonic current, it can also compensate reactive power and unbalance.

The AHF (Active Harmonic Filter) acquires the current signal of the load by the CT, separating the harmonic by the intelligent FFT (Fast Fourier Transform). The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) sends PWM signal to the internal IGBT. AHF will generate the compensation current with the same value but opposite phase as the system harmonic in order to achieve the real time dynamic filtering function.


3 Type Installation:

1. Wall Mount

2. Rack Module [Horizontal / Vertical]

3. Free Standing



  • 400±15% Vac
  • Rating current from 15 up to 150A per module, Customizable (≥150A)
  • 3P4W / 3P3W system
  • Harmonic filtering range from 2nd up to 51st
  • Compensation: Harmonic, Reactive, Unbalance

Wall Mounted

Free Standing Cabinet

Horizontal Rack Module

Vertical Rack Module