Horizontal Fuse Switch

Horizontal Fuse Switch Disconnector is used as a protection and switch device for three phase system.  It is designed to replace conventional metal based fuse holder. The switch consist of base and handle, three phase horizontal design. It is more compact, safe space, modern appearance and safer for operation. It is widely used for power grid protection, construction industry, Industrial control and new energy.



  • Comply with IEC 60947-3 & GB/T14048.3 standard
  • Available size NH-00/160A, NH-1/250A, and NH-2/400A
  • Rate Short-circuit current 50kA @690Vac
  • Ergonomic design
  • With exclusive Arc chamber, more safe
  • With integrated handle design, more stable
  • V0 grade flame retardant plastic, high strength, high temperature resistance
  • Self-extinguishable material
  • With top/bottom output & input design