Static Var Generator

Static VAR Generator (SVG) is a new technology of an instantaneous step-less reactive power compensators.

The SVG acquires the current signal of the load by the CT, the DSP tracks the command current in quick than calculate the reactive power rate of change by intelligent algorithm as to send the data to the IGBT by PWM signal. Finally the inductive or conductive power compensation current is generated on the inverter to achieve the real time dynamic reactive power compensation.

3 Installation Type:

  1. Wall Mounting
  2. Rack Module [Horizontal / Vertical]
  3. Free Standing


  • 400VacĀ±15%
  • Compensation starting from 30 up to 100 kVAR per module, customizable [>100kVAR]
  • 3 Level Circuit Topology.
  • 3P4W System

Wall Mounted

Free Standing Cabinet

Horizontal Rack Module

Vertical Rack Module