CRT - Power Capacitor

Capacitor is a reactive compensation load. It is used to fixed Power Factor problems. ICAR CRT-Power Capacitor has a peculiar metallization process that enables obtaining a metal layer with properly modulated thickness and achieving extraordinary performances in terms of voltage withstand and overall reliability.



  • Individual fixed Power Factor Correction for motors
  • Centralized low voltage automatic Power Factor Correction Capacitor Bank
  • Low voltage detuned/tuned Capacitor Bank



  • Three phase windings delta connected in a cylindrical aluminum case.
  • Rated power from 2,5 kVAr up to 50 kVAr
  • Rated voltage from 230 V up to 525 V
  • Rated frequency 50 / 60 Hz
  • IP20 terminal board
  • Up to 130.000 hours service life design
  • Dry, environment friendly construction
  • Indoor installation


Safety Features

  • Self -healing metallized polypropylene
  • Over pressure safety device
  • Dry Technology, Capacitor is filled with with resin, there is no risk of leaking oil or gas
  • Touch proof terminals (IP20 protection)