NH Fuse Base (Metal)

  • NH Fuse Base (Metal) is designed and produced with high-quality material comply IEC 60269-2 and ROHS standard.
  • NH Fuse gG/gL type used for overload and short circuit protection.
  • Fuse Base (Metal) have type test certificate from TUV Rheinland and ROHS and Qualified PLN standard test for PHBTR (Low Voltage Switchboard).
  • The bases are made from high density metal, Better at releasing heat.
  • Low Dissipation Power.
  • Breaking Capacity 120 kA at 500VAC, 50Hz/100kA at 690VAC.
  • 690VAC aM type NH Fuse can be request as an exclusive order.


Size & Rating :

Size 00 = 160A

Size 1 = 250A

Size 2 = 400A

Size 3 = 630A