Maxindo Energitama


• HOWIG is a trademark of Low voltage electrical equipment which owned by PT. Maxindo Energitama to
meet customer needs with best quality products. It has been proven that HOWIG Low voltage current
transformers could passed the type test in LMK Laboratory according to SPLN D3.014-1:2009 standard.
• HOWIG products have been used by panel builders as their standard products and PT. PLN (Persero)
especially for Low voltage distribution panels (PHBTR) and Automatic meter reading panels (AMR).
• HOWIG is supported by several large manufacturers who have experience in their field and originated
from various countries, such as China, Taiwan and Eastern Europe.
• We provides quality products with the HOWIG Brand, such as:
−− LV Current Transformers for Window type from ratio 5/5A up to 6000/5A & Spilt Core type from ratio
100/5A up to 6000/5A.
− Analog Panel Meters.
− LED Pilot Lights.
− Push Buttons.
− Selector Switches.
− Rotary Cam Switches.
− Digital Time Switches.
− Fuse Bases & Fuses.
− Busbar Supports.
− Octagonal Insulators.

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