Maxindo Energitama


• ICAR SpA Industria Condensatori has been producing high-tech products since it was established in
Monza, Italy, back in 1946.
• Their production and competence initially focused on lighting and motor run capacitors, on capacitors
for electronic applications (Radio Broadcasting, Television, etc.) and capacitors for military purpose.
• ICAR now produce high voltage stress stabilizers polypropylene capacitors and are one of a few
manufacturers worldwide to propose heavy duty “paper in oil” technology capacitors.
• ICAR are also widely established and rely on extensive know-how in the field of energy storage and fast
discharge capacitors; a world leadership which has always earned us cutting edge technology.
• With our 7 highly vertically integrated plants located throughout Europe we are the only manufacturer in
the world to control the whole polypropylene capacitor chain of production: from virgin polypropylene to
end product. As regards industrial power factor correction, ICAR directly builds comprehensive LV and
MV cabinets and systems.
• ICAR provides quality products, such as :
− Motor Run Capacitors.
− LV Capacitors voltage of 230V up to 800V with a capacity from 5 kVar up to 50kVar.
− Thyristor Modules for Fast Switching Application.
− LV & MV Detuned Reactors.
− LV, MV and HV Power Correction Systems.
− LV Active Harmonic Filters.
− LV Voltage Stabilizers.
− Energy Storage Capacitors.

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