Maxindo Energitama


• Polylux, SL, is a Spanish company who has more than 45 years in the manufacturing of low voltage
transformers and has become one of the leading companies in the world and exports its products to over
50 countries around the world by providing a complete solution to its customers.
• Polylux produces the Low Voltage Transformers with a complete range, rating from 25VA up to 1000 kVA.
• Polylux application system using ‘Cast Resin’ techniques which gives some technical advantages.
• Polylux can meet all kinds of special requirements for specific products, for applications with high
performance as well as having experience in manufacture of transformers for special applications, such as
Hospital, Train, Petrochemical Industry, Swimming Pool and other field applications.
• All of Polylux products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable international
• Polylux has its own fully equipped laboratory to conduct all necessary tests. The quality of its products
have been certified by an independent certification institute and laboratory.
• Polylux provide quality products, such as:
− Auto Transformers.
− Harmonic Filters / Compensators.
− Harmonic Blocking Reactors.
− Isolating Transformers.

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