Maxindo Energitama


Product Description

  • Using 20-digit TOKEN code as transmission media, adopting digital keypad for prepayment data transmission, safe and reliable;
  • Supporting configurable prepayment or post-payment modes;
  • Active (reactive) power energy metering, with the reverse power energy metered as forward power energy.
  • Provided with attachable infrared local communication functions, adopting IEC62056-21 (namely IEC61107) communication standards (C mode);
  • Prepaid energy charge, pay before use, balanced energy threshold alarm and switch out at exhaustion (prepayment status) ;
  • Provided with load control, over limit alarm, tripping; ultra-phase unbalance limit alarm;
  • Alarm and tripping of cover opening, electric anti-tamper;
  • Provided with high voltage and low voltage tripping protection functions (optional); 
  • Power-on switch-in (if permitted), power-down switch-out (configurable);
  • Indoor unit UIU function: PLC, MBUS interfaces optional;
  • Remote AMR communication function: RS485, PLC, RF, GPRS interfaces optional;
  • Installation commissioning and operation functions: convenient for installation and commissioning, safe and reliable operation;
  • Measurement of voltage, current, power, phase angle and grid frequency of respective phases;
  • LCD large size screen English display, with backlight, clear and intuitive;


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